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A hassle-free way to be your own boss and start working on your own terms. Operate a Vegetarian stall using the established Kwan Inn Vegetarian Brand. We could cater for the stall space at one of our premises, sourcing of all the ingredients and you could even learn from our experienced team on how to operate a stall and dishing out our delectable offerings. Revel in the satisfaction from seeing your Food being enjoyed while getting paid for it. Freedom, Flexibility and more! All you seek is just a call away, kindly contact Mr Lim @ 9855 5639.

让我们给你一个圆梦的舞台并按照自己的意愿做个小生意的老板!以观音斋,这个在当地素食业家喻户晓的品牌,经营素食摊位必然是个稳扎的开始。我们会为你提供营业场地(在我们旗下的一间咖啡店内),帮您采购所有食材,您也可以向我们经验丰富的团队学习正确的营业操作和我们佳肴的烹饪技巧以及食谱。又能看到进帐又能亲眼目睹食客享用您的美食,何乐而不为呢?只需一通电话,这一切都会成真: 请与林先生联系洽谈@ 9855 5639

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What We Guarantee?

1) The use of Kwan Inn Vegetarian Brand name that is synonymous to Good Quality Vegetarian Food. 

2) Imparting of cooking methodologies and recipes with hands on training/guidance. Sourcing of ingredients and other raw materials/supplies. All these will help ensure taste consistency.

3) A max of 35% COGs.

4) Advice and link up with equipment suppliers to get your stall fully operational.

5) The use of our proprietary white-labelled POS System. All facets of operations are being taking care of apart from Manpower.

6) Inclusion in our dedicated website and other digital platforms like Facebook/Instagram (most operators have lackluster online presence and marketing exposure) with the choice to take part in Kwan Inn Vegetarian Marketing initiatives.


6)被列入观音斋网站也能在其它数码平台享有宣传如脸书和IG (大多数的摊贩欠缺网络曝光度)。您也能参与观音斋推出的一系列营销活动。

Market Experience and Management Team Profile

Established in the 1990s, Kwan Inn Vegetarian is a renowned brand name in the local Vegetarian Food scene and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Jus Delish Group, a F&B conglomerate with successful endeavours in stalls, Foodcourts, Eating Houses, restaurants and even kiosks in the year 2019. The Management Team of the parent company are seasoned veterans in the F&B and services industry, with in-depth operational knowledge. We know what works and how to go about achieving it.


观音斋成立于90年代,是当地素食界的佼佼者,并与2019年成为Jus Delish饮食集团的全资(100%的股票持有权)子公司。Jus Delish饮食集团在各方位都有足迹,如餐馆,咖啡店,食阁,甚至摊位。母公司的管理团队都是由餐饮和服务业经验丰富的专业人士组成的。他们知道什么样的营运方针是最有效的,以及如何将其妥善融会实施在运作上。

Market Analysis

In Singapore, the operating landscape is quite segregated, typified by many small operators. (That is why you need an established brand name to differentiate yourself from other competitors!) The increasingly affluent local populace is growing more and more health conscious, coupled with the government’s active promotion of healthier lifestyle, there is a definite appeal and ready market for Vegetarian Food in Singapore.  



Financial Projections

This will be shared in more details when you meet up with us for a FREE consultation session. Just note that by becoming our franchisee, you will be availed a choice to operate a stall over at one of our Eating Houses, enjoying cost savings of up to $1,000 every month!

Enticed by our proposition? Act now!! The dream of becoming your own boss is just a phone call away: Mr Lim @ 9855 5639.


与我们的主张产生了共鸣吗?心动不如行动!您的老板梦只需一通电话便能成真:请拨打 9855 5639与林先生洽谈。