If you are one of those guilty of typifying Vegetarian Food as bland, boring and uninspiring, a trip down to Kwan Inn Vegetarian maybe just what you need.  Our appetite whetting vegetarian recipes will surely make you rethink about such stereotypical thoughts while anchoring a gastronomical gateway to your stomach that will path the way for repeated visits week after week!

Deep rooted in eco sustainable traditions, only the freshest and most natural ingredients are used in our food preparation. Maximum retention of the wholesome goodness and nutritional value of our delectable offerings are made possible under the able hands of our experienced chefs.

Kwan Inn Vegetarian still holds true to our primitive founding principles, that vegetarian food could be as nutritional and mouth watering as normal Staple Food, with an added element of Surprise that accompanies when patrons are unable to differentiate that the Food served are actually Vegetarian Fare! Kwan Inn Vegetarian allows discerning Foodies to explore the depth and variety of flavours that vegetarian food can actually offer while fitting nicely under the banner of healthy eating- Healthy Food can also taste Good!

our origins

1st July 2016, is an important milestone in the operating history of both Kwan Inn Vegetarian and Jus Delish Group. On this very day, two respective powerhouse in their own rights (Jus Delish Group - Modern Thai and Fusion cuisine, Kwan Inn Vegetarian - Vegetarian cuisine) decided to share their knowledge, competency and expertise to bring about a reinvigorating change to the Local Vegetarian Food Scene. With Jus Delish Group as its Managing partner, the Kwan Inn Vegetarian brand is expected to grow increasingly prolific with enhanced efficiency on the operations' end, leveraging on the experience and strong back end support of the Jus Delish Team.    

Founded in the 1990s by owner-chef Madam Choo Hong Eng, Kwan Inn Vegetarian has over the years established itself as a forerunner in the field, associated with the deliverance of quality, innovative and soulful Vegetarian Food. Soulful in the sense that every dish that is served, seek to just fulfill the earnest goal of bringing a smile to our customers’ face.

From our humble beginnings with just our flagship Geylang food stall, today, Kwan Inn Vegetarian has a total of 7 Food stalls, strategically located around Singapore.