Always feeling that New Year Resolution of yours to adopt a meat-free diet is pretty quickly left by the wayside?  Vegetarian House may be the committal push that you need this 2019 to be a vegan/vegetarian for good as our novel takes on local hawker delights makes the transition easy – Food that is simply full of flavours that one can’t even tell it is vegetarian fare!

是否常无法对新的一年所拟定的决议贯彻始终?还是觉得无肉不欢,摆脱不了肉食的诱惑?素食居也许是您在2019年迈向素食主义道路的最佳良伴, 让你履行对自己设下的承诺。我们以最精巧的烹饪手法原汁原味地仿现了素食版的当地小贩美食,味道与肉类原版有过之而无不及!

Our Concept Story – Eat with compassion while enjoying Great Tasting Food !

Customer centricity is the central operating tenet over at Vegetarian House. Understanding the desires of the increasingly health conscious populace in a multi cultural context, while fuelling the need to do our little part to educate the masses (empowering the young to learn more about our Local Food culture) on the history and diversity of our hawker food, our very first 600 sqft express plant-based concept stall, located at People’s Park Centre, #01-05M, came into fruition on 29th January 2019.


以客户为中心是素食居的核心经营宗旨。在多元文化背景的熏陶下,我们注意到素食主义者逐渐年轻化的趋势,更能体恤民众越来越有健康意识 (既注重食物的鲜美),因此素食居于2019年1月29日在珍珠大厦#01-05M 开设了第一间素食快餐店,主打素食版当地小贩美食,为传承/保留当地小贩饮食文化尽一份微薄之力。

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Locavorism and Sustainable Sourcing

A staunch supporter of the Green Movement, we constantly seek ways to reduce our wastage, global footprint and to be as environmentally attuned as possible (especially in areas such as energy & resources conservation).

We at Vegetarian house are also strong advocators of Locavorism, where as far as operationally possible, we actively seek vegetables and fruits that are produced locally.


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Our Logo and what it embodies

Vegetarian food may take a little getting used to for non-vegetarians. Allowing our customers the luxury to be served fresh, delicious local hawker food (meat-free) in the comfort of one’s own home is what we are trying to assimilate. Everything from the layout, fittings, fixtures and even the staff grooming are conceptualised with this “closely-knitted” localised-feel in mind. The rustic, casual yet modern ambiance fully encapsulates this Green, clean vibe. Customers place their orders on the self ordering POS (inclusive of payment) and could then pick up their food once their receipt numbers are called which is akin to the personal computer everyone relies on at home to carry out their routine activities.


我们明了非素食者或许需多些适应时间以便更能欣赏素食的美好。让我们的顾客在舒适的家庭式环境中享用新鲜美味的当地小贩美食(无肉)是我们想要营造的。从店面的装潢布局,器材装置甚至员工们的梳理,配件都散发着浓烈的本地化概念。大多的营业都自动化,从点餐,付款到领取餐点都能在店里的自助POS完成 (犹如每个家中用来完成琐常事的个人电脑)。朴素,休闲但又不乏现代感的氛围给人一种环保,干净,家庭般的舒适感, 使人不停地光顾。

Our Food

We at Vegetarian House adopts a simple, unpretentious approach to what we serve our customers – plant-based offerings that are affordable, healthy and delectable, that keeps true to traditional flavours, make possible by our chefs’ years of research and through the use of the finest and freshest natural ingredients.

Our extensive vegetarian menu means there is something for everyone at the table.  Gone are the days when vegetarian fare was relegated to apathetic servings of mock meats, mushrooms or salads. Vegetarian incarnations of popular Local hawker dishes such as Babao Healthy Porridge, Herbal Bak Kut Teh, Hainan Chicken Rice set, Nasi Lemak set and Briyani Mutton Rendang set are staples here. Want to make the call? Our easily customisable executive bento sets have a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan options available for your choosing, from the rice type to the mains. Also not to be missed are our specialty bites like Spicy sour dumplings, Fried Enoki and crispy chicken skin.


不要再误以为素食就是一堆仿式肉类,蘑菇或沙拉所拼凑成的无味次等食物。经过我门厨师多年的研究, 以熟练,朴实的烹饪手法和引用最新鲜的天然食材, 把一道道价廉,健康,色香味俱全,方便快捷,以及充分保持传统风味的素版小贩美食呈列在顾客面前,任凭他们享用。
我们多元化的素食菜单定有适合着每个人不同味蕾的美食。受欢迎的当地小贩菜肴的素食化身如八宝营养粥,药材肉骨茶,海南鸡饭, 椰浆饭和乾咖哩羊肉黄姜饭都是咱家的招牌美食。想要有更多选择权?我们的饭盒套餐有各种各样的素食选项,从米类到主食,任君选择。绝对不容错过的是我们的特色小吃,如辣酸饺子,炸金针菇和脆皮鸡皮。
Vegetarian House is well poised to take the vegetarian/vegan scene by storm. Sure hope our on-the-go offerings already struck a chord or two with you. Your vegetarian gustatory journey begins with us.

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Visit Us @ 101 Upper Cross Street #01-05M, People’s Park Centre, Singapore 058357