5 Food & Beverages Brands, 4 Restaurant Outlets, 30 over stall locations and counting - 1 Jus Delish Group Membership e-card. Sign up to be a Jus Delish Group Member Now and earn Jus Delish cash points whenever you dine at any of our restaurant outlets!


                        5个餐饮品牌,4间餐厅,30多个邻里档口- 1 张 Jus Delish 餐饮集团电子会员卡。立即注册成为会员,便可在我们旗下的任何一家餐厅消费时,累积优惠积分!

An ardent fan of Gin Khao, Som Tam or Khao San? We have Great News for you! The one membership card that will grant you instant access to attractive exclusive privileges for use at all Jus Delish Group Restaurants is now officially launched!

Why is this membership a MUST have?

1) There is no need to carry around a physical card, everything is wireless, with a unique user-friendly web app interface for our members. Have an e-card "tucked" away comfortably in your mobile.

2) Signing up is hassle free, with just a few tabs/swipe of the user-friendly iPad platform placed at the counter.Kindly approach any of our service crew at any outlet and he/she will be more than happy to assist you with the registration.

3) This membership card is available for use at any of our restaurant outlets which currently include Gin Khao@One Raffles Place, Gin Khao Bistro@ Sentosa Cove, Som Tam and Khao San@10 Raeburn Park. 

4) With a nominal sign up fee of $29.90, you will have an immediate sign up bonus of 30 points credited to your e-card (1 point is equivalent to $1 Jus Delish cash) for use on your subsequent visit to any of our restaurant outlets.

5) Earn Jus Delish Cash Points with every visit! 10% of the amount you spent will be converted into points! Meaning there will always be points/Jus Delish cash available in your e-card ready for offset on your next meal at Jus Delish Group chain of restaurants!

是Gin Khao, Som Tam, 和/或 Khao San的常客?有个重大的好消息!我们已正式推出电子会员卡,让您能在所有Jus Delish 旗下的任何一间餐厅用餐时享有专属优惠!




3)此电子会员卡可在我们旗下的任何一间餐厅使用,目前包括Gin Khao @ One Raffles Place,Gin Khao Bistro @ Sentosa Cove,Som Tam 和 Khao San @ 10 Raeburn Park。

4)注册费为$29.90,便可立即获得30点积分奖励(1点相等于$ 1 Jus Delish 虚拟现金)。在您下次光顾我们的餐厅时,直接取得消费回扣。

5)每次光顾都可获得Jus Delish 现金积分。您花费的10%金额将被转换为积分!花费越多,所取得的积分就越多。在您生日当天,也有享有额外的优惠惊喜。