Great News, we do provide Catering Services! Our experienced team offers the flexibility and professionalism to cater for events/functions of any scale for all occasions (house gathering, openhouse, parties, wedding reception, corporate functions and many more). Let us know your requirements and we will tailor a gastronomically enticing proposition just for You. All that is left – Impressing your guests with our moreish Vegetarian Food offerings!

Why Choose Us?

1) Are you ready to receive the “Wows” from your guests? There is just something different in the way we prepare our Greens. Having been around since the 90’s, our brand name is synonymous with Quality Vegetarian Food.

2) Affordable & customizable catering services for all occasions, healthy (while not compromising on the taste aspects), restaurant-quality vegetarian food that appeals to both non-vegetarian and vegetarians.

3) Our chefs comprised of experienced veterans in the local Vegetarian Food scene.

4) Be spoilt for choice! We offer 100 over exquisite vegetarian dishes from soups, vegetables, mushrooms, beancurd, veg seafood, veg meat to rendition of local rice/noodle delights like Mee Goreng, Olive Fried Rice, Chicken Rice for you to choose from – you name it, we have it!

5) Care for your guests - Your healthier lifestyle starts with us! Only the freshest of ingredients and healthier cooking oils such as sunflower oil, groundnut oil and sesame oil are used in our food preparation. Premium ingredients like Monkey Head Mushroom, known for its health improvement attributes, is also available.

6) Suitable for Vegans as well! We do not use garlic, onion or eggs in our recipes.

7) Our event consultants will help to devise a menu that suits your requirements and budget.

8) Timely delivery to ensure that the Food arrived in its best condition.

9) Thai vegetarian variants, derived from traditional Thai recipes are also available upon request, for example:

  • Pineapple Fried Rice 
  • Watermelon Fried Rice
  • Vegetarian Tom Yum Soup
  • Green Curry with Vegetables
  • Pandan Chicken (Veg)
  • Pineapple Pork Ribs (Veg)
  • Thai Spring Roll with Dip

The reasons to engage us definitely seem compelling. Contact us at (65) 6220 0081 or email to: to have a no cost discussion Today!